I create website using Wordpress, setup Linux servers, Secure VPS/Server, Troubleshoot server or domain/hosting related problems.


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Web designer & Server Admin From Bangladesh

My name is Mohammad Delowar Hossain. I design websites using Wordpress.


I am from Bangladesh. Technology is my passion, hobby, everything. From the very beginning, I have introduced myself to various kinds of technology things. I have enormous self-confidence, hard-working ability, work-oriented attention. I am detail-oriented and believe in quality work.

I develop 100% responsive websites using WordPress and design those websites as per my client’s instructions. I have created many websites such as e-commerce, service, download site, religious websites etc. Please have a look at my portfolio.

I am also a server admin and currently, I am holding a position in my country as a Network & Server Admin. I have expertise in Linux OS, Web Servers, Securing Servers, VPS, Installing various types of applications in the server.

I believe in 3 simple steps:

What i do


I provide following services

  • Web Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Webmaster

Web Design

I design websites using Wordpress. I have vast knowledge in customizing various Wordpress themes with Grid, Carousel, Revolution Slider and renowned page builders.

I offer the following services with website customization:

  • Require plugins install
  • Styling website using custom CSS
  • Basic online SEO practices
  • Webmaster Integration (Google, Bing, Yandex etc.)
  • Integrate Analytics
  • Page speed optimization
  • Input provided website data
  • Manage Cloudflare etc.

  • Web Servers Installation
  • Configure Servers
  • Secure Servers
  • Install various software in server


I have huge experience in installing and maintaining Linux Servers. I have depth knowledge about various Linux distros (Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Kali Linux, Elementary OS etc.). I have also mastered myself in virtualbox or virtulization technologies.

I offer the following services for Server/VPS/Linux distros:

  • Web server installation (Nginx, Apache)
  • Securing Web Servers (Nginx)
  • Setting Apache as main server and Nginx as proxy server
  • Securing Servers (changing default port, ufw/firewalld/iptables configuration, fail2ban, web application firewall (WAF), clamav etc.)
  • Domain reputaion recover
  • Mail server installation (Exim, Dovecot, Postfix)
  • Mail server configuration (DMARC, SPF, DKIM) in Exim and postfix
  • Control panel installtaion (VestaCP, HestiaCP)
  • SSL installation and configuration in the server (Openssl, Let's Encrypt or Paid Certificates)
  • Managing DNS records using Cloudflare
  • Virus removal from servers (Using auto tools or Manual)
  • Installing any software in Linux distro or Server (If available) etc.

  • Domain Support
  • C panel Support
  • Bug Fix

IT Support

I provide various kinds of IT supports to my clients. A simple problem might be a headache for you. Please let me know and I can help you to overcome that problem with a low budget. Some areas are as follows:

  • Mail related problem
  • Domain related problem
  • Hosting related problem
  • DNS related problem
  • Small bugfix etc.

my skills


I have gained various types of related skill to do my work and still now I am learning. I am gathering my knowledge to keep myself updated in this modern world.

  • Web Design skills
  • Server skills
  • Linux skills
  • Photoshop skills

Web Design using WordPress

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You can contact me via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.